Eleven Point Two

Eleven Point Two

Emerging from Los Angeles, California, Alternative/Indie-pop duo Eleven Point Two formed in 2016 after moving across the country from Grand Haven, Michigan. Comprised of musical brothers, Taylor and Jon Siegel, songwriting in their garage quickly turned into a form of therapy and expression.

While attending Moorpark College, the brothers found themselves at a crossroads, torn between career paths. Ultimately abandoning their studies, the duo embraced their passion for music, a pivotal decision that set the stage for their creative journey. November 2019 saw the unveiling of their debut album, “Painting in the Dark.”

Since that time, Eleven Point Two has independently amassed over 2 million streams and been featured on Voyage LA Magazine, Buzzbands LA, SoundThread, WYCE Radio's Local Spins, and Spotify Fresh Finds Pop. Now, 2024 sees their long awaited Sophomore album ‘Escape Velocity’ which proves that the duo is pushing the boundaries and making a name for themselves in the music scene; landing their music on Kings of A & R, Neon Music, SoundThread, Melodic Magazine, Pop Passion, LA On Lock, and many more.


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